Managing Global Information Technology: Strategies and Challenges (2008): Palvia/Palvia/Harris, ISBN: 0964838249
This is the third edition of this bookand is a standard text at many universities for graduate and undergraduate classes. It contains some 25 chapters from scholars at nations top MIS programs such as Harvard, Minnesota and others. For a course syllabus and other information, please call or email us at the address shown above.In the meanwhile, here is a listing of the table of contents of this book:
1) Challenges of the Global Information Technology Management Environment: Representative World Issues Prashant Palvia and Praveen Pinjani
2) Managing Knowledge in a Low Trust Information Environment: Culture,  Risk, and Strategy in Post-Soviet Russia Elia V. Chepaitis
3) Adoption and Use of Information Technologies in China: Assessing the Modified Technology Acceptance Model En Mao and Prashant Palvia  
4) Cultural Mediation in Global Transfer of Information Technology Systems Carol Pollard and Yan Nee Ang
5) Global Digital Divide: A Longitudinal Analysis Kallol Bagchi and Godwin Udo
6) Bridging the Global Digital Divide: Critical Success Factors for Lesser Developed Countries  by Steven John Simon
7) Corporate IT Strategies in the Global Economy...........Charlie C. Chen and Albert L. Harris
8) Public ICT Policy Initiatives and Deployment: Theories, Stakeholders, Success Factors, and Regulatory Tools Yide Shen, Detmar Straub, and Eileen M. Trauth
9) Global Information Technology Architecture: Foundations and Organizational Issues Prashant Palvia, Naveed Baqir, and Sharm Manwani
10) The Role of Global Information Systems in Managing Worldwide Operations of Multinational Corporations         Luca Iandoli and Anil Kumar  
11) Governance in the Global Information Economy .......Warren McFarlan
12) Transborder Data Flows in the Global Economy Albert L. Harris  
13) Global IT Supply Chain Strategy: Physical and Social Networks.......Luca Landoli, Pierluigi Rippa, Giuseppe Zollo, and Barry Shore
14) Cultural Asymmetries and the Challenge of Global Enterprise Integration             Barry Shore
15) Information Systems for Multinational Enterprises: A Grounded Theory of their Design and Implementation     Hans Lehmann and Brent Gallupe
16) Global Information Systems Development Strategies: A Contextual Analysis      Prashant C. Palvia and Murad Akmanligil
17) Global Information Systems Development: Best Practices and Contextual Analysis      Brian D. Janz, Nicholas P. Vitalari, and James Wetherbe
18) Dynamics of Control Modes in Offshored Information Systems Development Projects Ravi S. Narayanaswamy, Rahul A. Gokhale, and Varun Grover
19) IS Offshoring: A Sourcing Framework and Emerging Knowledge Requirements             William R. King
20) Critical Success Factors in Managing Offshore Software Outsourcing Relationships Nilay V. Oza and Shailendra C. Jain Palvia
21) Global Outsourcing of IT and IT Enabled Services: A Relationship Framework and a Two Stage Model for Selecting a Vendor Shailendra C. Jain Palvia
22) Global E-Commerce: Domain, Business Models, Framework, Barriers, and Strategies       Shailendra C. Jain Palvia and Vijay Vemuri
23) Diffusion of E-Commerce in Several Economic Regions of the World             Prashant Palvia and Praveen Pinjani
24) Global Information Technology and the Rise of Global Corporate Alliances             Shailendra C. Jain Palvia and Vijay K. Vemuri 
25) E-Government Concepts, Frameworks and Implementation: Current Status Worldwide and Future Challenges       Shailendra C. Jain Palvia and Sushil S. Sharma

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