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Global Information Technology and Electronic Commerce (2002): Palvia/Palvia/Roche - ISBN: 0964838230
This book is in a text-book format; ideal for undergraduate or graduate level courses in MIS or International Business. In the January 2002 issue of CIO Insight (www.cioinsight.com), Paul Brown writes:

Review in CIO Insight
"..... Some 34 professors, researchers, business executives have come together to produce 25 chapters exploring the future of information technology world. The papers argue that while hardware and software may work the same worldwide, the technology infrastructure will vary remarkably, so it's critical to consider the pitfalls and potential best practices as a firm goes global with its IT capabilities .....................................................................................

Here are the details to the 25 scholarly chapters in this book:
1. Global Information Technology Management Environment: Representative World Issues. (By:Prashant C. Palvia, Shailendra C. Jain Palvia, and James E. Whitworth) 2. Malaysia's Multimedia Super Corridor: An Experiment in Employing Information and Communication Technologies for National Development. (By Roger W. Harris) 3. E-Commerce and the Information Environment in an Emerging Economy: Russia and the Turn of Century. (By Elia V. Chepaitis)
4. IT on the Arctic Circle - A Regional Survival Game. (By Jaana Kuula)
5. Avoiding Bad Decisions on the Road to Globalization. (By: Edward M. Roche)
6. Strategic Applications of Information Technology in Global Business: The "GLITS" Model and an Instrument. (By: Prashant C. Palvia) 7. IT Strategy in International Supply Chain Management. (By: Barry Shore)
8. Re engineering Global Business Processes: Challenges and Issues. (By: Choton Basu and Prashant C. Palvia)
9. Cultural Asymmetries between Headquarters and Foreign Subsidiaries and Their Consequence on the Integrative Role of Information Technology. (By: Barry Shore)
10. Challenges in Transborder Data Flow. (By: Effy Oz)
11. Competencies, Capabilities and Infor-mation Technology: Analyzing Resources for Competitive Advantage in Russia. (By: Kalle Kangas)
12. The Evolving Global Electronic Commerce: Issues and Challenges. (By: Shailendra Palvia and Vijaya Vemuri)
13. The Role of Commerce in Global Electronic Commerce. (By: Michelle L. Kaarst-Brown and J. Roberto Evaristo)
14. A Framework for the Management of Global e-Business in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises. (By: Emmanuel O. Tetteh and Janice M. Burn)
15. E-Commerce and Community Tourism. (By: David Mason & Simon Milne)
16. Strategies for Global Information Systems Development: A Critical Analysis. (By: Murad Akmanligil & Prashant Palvia)
17. Emerging Best Practices in Global Systems Development. (By: Nicholas P. Vitalari, James C.Wetherbe, Brian D. Janz)
18. Global Software Teams: A Framework for Managerial Problems and Solutions. (By: Erran Carmel)
19. The Design of Information Systems for the International Firm: A Grounded Theory of Some Critical Issues. (By: Hans Lehmann)
20. Successful Implementation of ERP Systems for Multinationals: Using Control and Coordination Artifacts. (By: Steven John Simon) 21. Developing Global Executive Information Systems. (By: Anil Kumar and Prashant Palvia)
22. Key Influence Factors and Issues in Global IT Outsourcing Management. (By: Ned Kumar and Prashant Palvia)
23. Location Economics and Global Software Development Centers. (By: Hemant K Jain and Jaeki Song)
24. Control and Coordination of Information Systems in Multinational Corporations. (By: Madhu T. Rao, Carol V. Brown and William Perkins.)
25. Global Information Technology Infrastructure for Transnational Corporations: Developing, Deploying, and Maintaining. (By:Subhash Valanju and Hemant Jain.)