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Security and Privacy Governance: Criteria for Systems Design

Jan Guynes Clark, The University of Texas at San Antonio, USA,
Nicole Lang Beebe, The University of Texas at San Antonio, USA
Karen Williams, The University of Texas at San Antonio, USA
Linda Shepherd, The University of Texas at San Antonio, USA


Security and privacy issues are often an afterthought when it comes to systems design.
However, failure to address these issues during analysis and design could result in
catastrophic effects such as an erosion of trust among those in the stakeholder
community once a loss of privacy is experienced, along with the additional
expenditures that are necessary to secure a system that has been compromised. We
present a conceptual model for creating subsystems of security and privacy
governance that are integral parts of the system architecture. Additionally, we
propose that knowledge created or acquired during the development and use of the
system, especially knowledge about security and privacy, be well documented and
stored within a Knowledge Management System (KMS). Viewing, updating, and
manipulating the knowledge database throughout the life of the system can enhance
its success. In addition, as a knowledge repository, a KMS can contribute to best
practices in the development of future systems.