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Examining the Impact of E-privacy Risk Concerns on Citizens'
Intentions to Use E-government Services: An Oman Perspective

Dhiyab Al Abri, Murdoch University – Murdoch, WA, Australia
Tanya McGill, Murdoch University – Murdoch, WA, Australia
Michael Dixon, Murdoch University – Murdoch, WA, Australia


The risks associated with online transactions influencing the use of e-services and egovernment
services include e-privacy concerns. This study has examined the impact
of e-privacy risk concerns on the acceptance of e-government services in Oman using
an integrated model. The model is based on Liu, Marchewka, Lu, and Yu’s (2005)
privacy-trust-behavioral intention model, the broader technology acceptance
literature, and recent work on e-privacy awareness and protection. Data was
collected by questionnaire from Omani citizens. The model was then tested using PLS.
The study found that e-privacy risk concerns and perceptions of the protection
available against risks influence citizens’ intentions to use e-government services via
their influence on the perceived trustworthiness of these services. Thus
trustworthiness is a factor that could be an obstacle to successful e-government
services project implementation.