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Introducing the Information Technology Security
Essential Body of Knowledge Framework

Wm. Arthur Conklin, University of Houston – Houston, USA, waconklin@uh.edu
Alexander McLeod, University of Nevada – Reno, USA, amcleod@unr.edu


The National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace spurred the development of the Essential
Body of Knowledge (EBK) for Information Technology Security. The key feature of
this security tool is its ability to act as a framework for analyzing institutional security
training needs and managing security workforce development. This is accomplished
through a series of steps that map security personnel roles, competency areas, and
functional perspectives to an industry accepted matrix of organizational security
needs. By capturing the human resource and functional elements of security, the EBK
acts as a distillation of best practice, laid out in generic form ready for
implementation across a wide spectrum of organizations. This paper introduces the
EBK, explains its form and content, and demonstrates how to transition from the
generic framework to functional model that is useful in determining organizational
security structure and helpful for managing security personnel training and future
security needs.