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Business and Security Executives Views of
Information Security Investment Drivers:
Results from a Delphi Study

Alice M. Johnson, North Carolina A&T State University – Greensboro, USA


A Delphi study used two expert panels of 24 CEOs and 22 security executives to
identify and rank factors that motivated organizations to invest in information
security. Both panels agreed that legal and regulatory compliances were the most
important drivers. However, their different perspectives about other drivers,
particularly the extent to which information security provided a competitive
advantage, implied that business executives were more likely than security executives
to view information security as a cost center rather than a business enabler, thus the
author suggested a greater need for technology executives to help business executives
better understand how information security investments could provide competitive
advantage. In general, the study highlighted the need for more dialogue and
information sharing between security executives, who are responsible for designing
the organization’s security infrastructure, and business executives who must allocate
the funds to support that infrastructure.