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Development of a Mobile Commerce Security Analysis

June Wei (contact author), University of West Florida, USA, jwei@uwf.edu
Ant Ozok, UMBC, USA, ozok@umbc.edu


The objective of this study is to develop a mobile commerce security analysis method
for determining mobile commerce security requirements and provide suggestions to
m-commerce security system development. Two phases were used to achieve this
objective. The first phase developed a Mobile Commerce Security Analysis (MCSA)
model. In the second phase, the Mobile Commerce Security Analysis Questionnaire
(MCSAQ) was developed from the MCSA model. The MCSAQ is developed to
quantitatively measure mobile commerce security attributes in the MCSA model.
Data on mobile commerce security attributes for 15 m-commerce tasks were
collected using the MCSAQ with subject matter experts. Factor analysis conducted
on the survey data resulted in the identification of six mobile commerce security
dimensions. The quantification of m-commerce security requirement ratings and
possible identification of m-commerce security dimensions would offer potential
utility over a range of several practical applications to improve the efficiency of mcommerce
security performance. The reliable and valid m-commerce security
performance analysis method quantitatively captures broader aspects of mcommerce
security performance than previous research. The development of the
taxonomy of m-commerce security requirements could provide structure and
continuity to many research findings to both the conceptual and practical aspects of
m-commerce task performance.