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RFID Privacy Issues in Healthcare: Exploring the Roles of Technologies and Regulations

Rachida Parks, The Pennsylvania State University, USA, rfp127@ist.psu.edu
Chao-Hsien Chu, The Pennsylvania State University, USA, chu@ist.psu.edu
Heng, Xu, The Pennsylvania State University, USA, hxu@ist.psu.edu


With the deployment and use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology in
the healthcare domain, there are increasing privacy concerns regarding the technical
designs of RFID systems vis-à-vis the requirements of the healthcare regulations. This
paper reviews and analyzes the impact of privacy issues in the RFID adoption in the
healthcare domain, and presents a conceptual framework for analyzing the
relationship between technology and regulations in light of the Fair Information
Practice (FIP) principles to ensure patients’ privacy. Our conceptual framework uses
the FIP principles as a guideline to examine the design of Privacy Enhancing
Technologies (PETs) and analyze existing regulations to assess the compliance issues.
The conceptual analyses show that current PETs fail to incorporate the FIP principles
and thus organizations in the healthcare sector face complex challenges to comply
with security and privacy standards and regulations. Using the groundwork laid down
in this study, future research along these directions could contribute significantly to
address privacy concerns pertaining to RFID for both academia research and
industry practice in the context of healthcare.