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Information Technology Offshore Outsourcing Security Risks and Safeguards

June Wei, University of West Florida, USA, jwei@uwf.edu
Jason O’Connell, University of West Florida, USA, joconnell87@gmail.com
Meiga Loho-Noya, University of West Florida, USA, ml24@students.uwf.edu


Information security is important when information technology (IT) moves to offshore
outsourcing. This paper aims at discovering information security risk factors and
providing safeguards for IT offshore outsourcing. Specifically, first, information
security risks and safeguards are identified during IT offshore outsourcing based on
literature review and interviewing with subject matter experts. And IT offshore
outsourcing process (ITOOP) model was developed to logically link these information
security risks based on flow and task analysis in the client and vendor environments.
Safeguards are also developed to protect information security attacks by linking to
these information security risks. The ITOOP model with information security risks
and safeguard solutions from this research will help decision makers in offshore IT
outsourcing identify possible occurrences of security risks in offshore processes; and
thereby, incorporate wise decisions on safeguards to protect information and improve
security levels.