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Employee Information Privacy Concerns with Employer Held Data: A Comparison of Two Prevalent Privacy Models

Shawn F. Clouse, The University of Montana – Missoula, USA, shawn.clouse@business.umt.edu
Ryan T. Wright, The University of San Francisco – San Francisco, USA, Rwright3@usfca.edu
Ronald E. Pike, California State University – Chico, USA, rpike@csuchico.edu


The privacy stream of research has been studied considerably over the past 20 years.
This included applying privacy questions to different online contexts such as health
care, ecommerce, and government. The purpose of this article is to empirically
compare and evaluate two prevalent privacy models; Concern for Information
Privacy (CFIP) and Internet Users’ Information Privacy Concerns (IUIPC) within the
organizational context of employment. By doing so, this research: 1) evaluates the two
privacy models to see which best predicts behavioral intention within an
employee/employer relationship, and, 2) prescribes to organizations how individuals
view the privacy of their information held by employers. This research extends the
literature by validating IS privacy models in this new domain and provides valuable
information to managers of information systems resources for organizations. Using a
seeded sample of 457 employed individuals ranging in age from 18 to 71, the authors
conclude that IUIPC is substantially superior for predicting behavioral intentions
regarding employment privacy concerns.