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Usable Authentication in EBusiness: Challenges and Opportunities

Binto George, Western Illinois University, USA, B-George@wiu.edu
Anna Valeva, Western Illinois University, USA, AK-Valeva@wiu.edu
George Mangalaraj, Western Illinois University, USA, G-Mangalaraj@wiu.edu


The traditional approach of system centered security seems to be inadequate for consumer ebusiness models where the user plays a critical role to ensure computer security. Moreover, human factors are increasingly being exploited for defeating security as evidenced by ever increasing trend in human-centered attacks. Although many of the attacks exploiting human aspects generally do not require high technical skills, their detection and prevention are usually complex. Valid user authentication requires both customer and ebusiness correctly authenticating each other. As would be seen in the paper, usable security plays a crucial role in this mutual authentication process. The paper surveys the major research findings in the area, explores the cotemporary industry practices and discusses some potential future directions.